9 Tips To Study HKSI Examination Without Stressing Out

Bonus Tips To Prepare HKSI Exam

9 Tips To Study HKSI Examination Without Stressing Out

Congratulations for enabling HKSI exam full access! We are pleased to have you onboard. This bonus article is crafted to give candidates a holistic understanding of the proper way to use our premium access and also some tricks that you might find it useful in passing HKSI exams.

The HKSI examination is getting more difficult. Very often the pass rate is lower than 50%, this is completely normal after all the exam is compulsory and the HKSI would like to maintain the reputation of their exams.

So how can we pass it with ease?


Make good use of your time

Time is of the essence, and to pass the HKSI exam, cramming will never work. Do not attempt to practice all our practice questions and imagine that you can remember all the information at once.

If you are taking Paper 1, the number of practice questions is over thousands. We would recommend you to take two sets of questions paper, which is 60 questions. This way, you will have a better understanding of the overall concepts bit by bit without stressing yourself.


Read the official study manual once before start practicing

If you jump straight to our practice questions bank, you might feel overwhelmed and frustrated because the questions are sticky and easily you will lose in focus.

We recommend you to read the official study manual once quickly in a couple of days and start practicing right away. Remember you will never able to know what you do not understand until you start practicing.


Block a 21 minutes window to study every day

Research shows that an average adult attention span is roughly 21 minutes, if you prolong your studies longer than 21minutes, you might lose focus and not able to remember what you have just read. Therefore, never read the study manual longer than 21 minutes a day and start practicing quickly.


Do not print the study manual

This is not just able to save hundreds of paper. The fact is, highlighting is a stereotyped study method. What you have highlighted is merely marked as important and useful if you are doing an open book exam.

Which is apparently not the case in the HKSI exam.

Our recommendation? Send the file to your office and read during lunch or if your job is flexible, read it during the office time. Then practice using your mobile on the way you go home and taking MTR, buses. Almost by the time you get home, you have already completed your study portion and you can enjoy your time with friends and family at night

Study by taking practice questions will put your brain into proactive state rather than reactive state in reading study manual


Mark the question number that you did wrong

Most of our questions come with an explanation immediately after you answer them. As such, you should be able to grasp the key concepts immediately and should not need to waste time scrolling or flipping the manual. However, if some questions you are still not sure and requires more details, make sure you mark the quiz number and question number and read them again when you go home. This leveraged the time spaced learning the strategy and you will remember it as a long memory. The best thing is? If you have not printed the study manual, you can search through the entire manual easily in PDF using the search function


Test and teach your friends or colleague

One of the best way to ensure you know what you learned, is to ask the questions that you failed to answer to your friends or colleagues. If they do not understand it as well, then you will get the perfect chance to explain to them and strengthen your study progress.


Take all the practice questions twice

If you have a month time to study ( which is recommended ), you should practice our questions at least twice. You should record a great improvement in result in your second attempt and statistically, if you are able to hit 83% correct in our practice questions, then you will be likely able to pass no problem in the real examination.



I know, this seems like a very useless tip. But please hear me out, There is research where two groups of students, each 50 of them are taught by the same teacher, using the same resources and everything is the same.

The only difference is, class A is being told that they are categorized as the elite class. Where they believe they have more potential to succeed and they are given the best resources to study and take the public exam.

The result? You bet, class A scored 37% better than class B even though they have exactly the same resources in terms of teacher, study materials and everything.

So what does this mean to you? Many candidates have well prepared themselves in the exam, but they are very stressed and not confident when they walk in the exam room. Remember the research we just told you? Tell yourself that you are in the elite group, you have already prepared well enough and taken the exam confidently. This makes a major difference in the result


The power of habit

If you have read the book, the power of habit, the average person to develop a habit is roughly 21 days. It is the hardest at the first 7 days and after 21 days later, your brain, like a muscle, will be adapted to handle the daily dose of practice routine and willing to ask for more.
This is not just for examination but everything in life, such as exercise, eating habit and etc.

If you think taking 2 quizzes a day is too much for you, make it 1 quiz. The idea is to develop a habit every day and eventually everything will become natural for you.


This is it, this short but precise 9 bonus tips, if you really take into account, will surely help you increase your passing rate in the examination. Our one last piece of advice is, do not underestimate the difficulty of this exam. Many candidates who are CFA or FRM holder failed in their first attempt. This is a compulsory exam and the exam fee is much lower than CFA, FRM but does not mean their difficulty is lower as well.

Good luck and wish you a secured pass the exam.

Tilly Conway

Tilly Conway

Tilly worked in various financial conglomerate. She is now the Senior Exam Specialist in HKSIDataBase