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Last updated on: 14-November-23

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Why HKSIDataBase Your #1 Solution

1. Strengthen Your Market Competitiveness:

HKSI LE exam is a compulsory exam for many job opportunities. Acquire this professional qualification and boost your competitiveness and stand out from the crowd.

2. Utilize All Your Fragment Time:

Turn all your bus queuing, waiting for friends, commute time into constructive time. Study anytime and anywhere with a hand-held and make good use of your daily fragment time. You will be amazed by how many time you can save and things you can do each day.

3. Spaced Repetition System:

We carefully structure our questions in our questions bank, so that you will be asked the similar concepts throughout the practice journey, reinforce your memory and provide an in-depth understanding of the concepts.

4. Save Your Valuable Time:

How much does your time worth? Leverage our exam tools and study efficiently, do not spend an extra dime to retake the examination.

5. Until You Pass Guarantee:

We are very confident in our service. If you don’t pass your exam after subscribing to our service or if you do not have time to prepare the exam or even if your phone has broken and not able to access our content then we will grant another round of free access for you.

6. Key Study Notes:

We highlight the key concepts usually tested in HKSI examination. Draw your attention to make sure you remember all the factual information and concepts prior to walking into the exam room.

7. Trusted By Thousands of Candidates:

Over the years we have served 11,000+ candidates to pass HKSI examination. Our tools will help you to prepare efficiently and easily without giving up all your valuable time at the weekend to prepare the exam.

8. Soft Copy Means Money Saved:

No money wasted on delivery nor printing of materials. We trust our users with high integrity and do not resell our account access. In return, we can offer a competitive and affordable solution for you to tackle HKSI exams.

9. Adhere To Exam Format:

Carefully designed questions and sometimes rather tricky. Exactly how you will confront these questions in the real examination.

10. Know Your Progress:

Ever spent over 200 hours preparing an exam and turns out it’s much easier than you think? Unfortunately, that means you have over-studied and spent too much time on it. Practice with our tools and benchmark the time required to prepare the HKSI exam with our practice questions.

11. Study At Your Own Pace:

Research shows that the best hour to study is when you are mentally prepared for it. Working 10 hours at work and attend the evening class is definitely not effective and merely stressing yourself. With HKSIDataBase, you can study anytime with your own schedule, whenever you feel right.

12. First-Hand Information:

Exam angle changes frequently, we adopt and adhere to the examination format and provide the up to date preparation materials for you to pass in your first attempt.

13. Save Your Money:

This goes without saying, retaking the HKSI exam is costly.

14. Final Mock Paper:

Do you want to know whether you can pass in the real exam? We provide a final mock paper for you so that you can estimate the score you will achieve in the real exam. So that you will know whether you are well prepared for the exam.

15. Free Bonus Tips:

9 Tips To Study HKSI Examination Without Stressing Out. Exclusively available for premium users; this few minutes read will save you tons of time and increase your passing rate.

Over 11,000+ Candidates Have Leveraged HKSIDataBase To Pass HKSI LE Exam

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Real Users Feedback

Good work guys, happy to give my testimonial here, subscribed paper 1 english version and it helped me significantly

Verna F. Martindale


urchased the paper 6 study quiz bank and it is truly helpful and reinforced my concepts much better!

Hilton Chen

Practice questions provided as promised, very useful exam practice questions; thx!

Barbara N. Graham

Time is of the essence for me and I am glad I found you guys to get the exam passed!

John N. Fung

Thank you HKSIDataBase for the service provided, exactly the things that I look for. Just do as much questions as you can and you shall pass with ease

Jose B. Robinson

Recommend hksidatabase to everyone who is of interests in their service. Buy it at least two weeks in advance of your exam date and complete each and every questions they have, it shall help you pass with ease.

Michael J. Chang

Customer support Andy is extremely helpful, I purchased the 45 days access but have barely used it ( login once only ) as I am too busy with my project at work. They granted me an additional 45 days of access for free when I show them the change of cams exam date print screen. They truly want you to pass. I am a satisfied customer.

Joan W. Smith

I am very satisfied with the service CAMSEXAM provided and glad I have enrolled to help me get through the exam. It would be even better if it support wire transfer of payment

Dorothy J. Turner

Promised customer service team Andy to provide this testimonial, happy the service they provide, and good value of money. Helped me to pass with great result

Kim T. Hagler

There are around 700 questions in the paper 2 English version and I am a happy client!

Linda J. Shen

For the record, service provided as it is and truly helpful and tricky questions in their backend, useful if you want to save yourself some time and don’t mind paying a bit more.

Mattie J. Moreno

I am a happy customer from hksidatabase and happy to share their service to my colleagues and friends.

James J. Cook

There are over thousands of practice questions for paper 1, extremely useful if you want to 100% sure you pass in the first attempt, recommended.

Melanie A. Martinez

Happy to provide this testimonial as requested by Diana from their cs team (I am not remunerated), simply put, great service, recommended!

William L. Hodges

I tried their free trial and immediately enrolled their premium version, its a good investment after all!

Kyle C. Booher

As an expat from UK and required to acquire the HKSI license to work in H.K. I would say HKSIDataBase have helped me to get the exams passed seamlessly. To me, it is a life saver as I have no time to prepare for the exam when handling all the errads when move to H.K.

Mary M. Mathews

I am not from the finance field and the requirement to pass paper 1 is a headache to me, grateful I found hksidatabase to help me pass. really large database to studies and give me more confident in exam to pass!

Marie J. Mize

The best thing I their service is the ability to study with my iPad everywhere.

Nicola W. Beatty

My bank reimburses the fee to enroll HKSIDataBase, I would recommend my friends to enroll as it can save you a great amount of time.

Michael D. Pope

Great service! Although I wish they offer hard copy as well.

Daniel C. Lam

Pleased to recommend cams exam to everyone who is interested. ideally, you should read the study manual and go straight to their practice questions until you hit 80%, it will be safer that way

Edward H.

I thought I was scammed after payment as I cannot receive the login details. I contacted their support via FaceBook and they replied within 10 minutes and I figured that it was in my spam folder. Service provided as proposed will use their service for paper 7 and 8 in the future.

John M. Pang

One Year Risk-Free Triple Guarantee

Buying Online Can Be Intimidating

Leverage Our Risk-Free Guarantee, After Using HKSIDataBase:

If you do not improve your knowledge in preparing HKSI Exam;

If you do not find our service and materials to your satisfaction top-notch;

Even if your mobile is broken or you are too busy working overtime at work and never used our system and failed the exam;

We Will Grant You Another Round Of Access For FREE – No Questions Asked

Why Candidates Trust Us Over Our Competitors?

1. You Get The Best Practice Questions:

Forget about 40 or 100 questions. In Paper 1 we provide more than 1600+ questions and hundreds of them in other papers. The HKSI exam bank is enormous and requires a lot of practice questions to cover all the possible exam concepts. In HKSIDataBase we offer you a sufficient amount to practice HKSI exams and pass in one goal.

2. You Do Not Need Exhausting Lectures:

Working 9+ hours a day at work and attend evening lectures is the last thing you need to study efficiently. Research shows that your brain remembers what you studied when you have sufficient rest. Attending a 2 hours lecture at night after work or in the weekend is statistically proven not the effective way to prepare HKSI exams.

3. You Get The Best Deal:

With the quality and quantity of questions we provide to you, we are undoubtedly the best offer in the market. Along with our 24/7/365 support, risk-free guarantee and less than a coffee a day package. Make HKSIDataBase the most trusted vendor in the market.

4. You Save Money With Us:

No printing, logistics fee, and travel to pick up the materials are needed. Saving you a lot of time and money with our instant access software based practice paper.

5. You Study Efficiently With Us:

All our questions come with a short but precise explanation. Clear the concepts immediately without the need to search the answer again in the official study manual. You Selected The Number One Option In Market: We are confident with our service and are voted as the number one option in the market as third vendor HKSI exam brand. Thousands of satisfied clients cannot be wrong.

6. You Selected The Number One Option In Market:

We are confident with our service and we are voted as the number one option in the market. Thousands of satisfied clients cannot be wrong.

7. You Will Become Our Next Happy Client:

No business can sustain without a good reputation. We are confident that you will be our next satisfied customers and become the best natural promotor of our brand.

8. You Are Supported In Weekends:

Unlike the other vendors, our customer support team work around the clock and provide swift response 24/7/365 even in the weekend. We standby our products and believe our top-notch customer support team will serve you well throughout the journey.

9. You Remember Exam Content Better With Us:

All our questions are carefully positioned so that you will be tested with the same concept in a different angle from time to time. You solidify your concepts by confronting these questions with our study system.

10. You Get ONE Year Risk-Free Guarantee:

We are 100% confident that our study materials and practice questions will help you to pass the exam. As such, for any reasons, if you failed the exam, we will grant you access for Free. No question asked.

11. You Dramatically Increase Your Pass Rate:

98% of our candidates pass HKSI exams after using our service. We strive to maintain the extremely high passing rate of our candidates and you will increase your probability to pass the HKSI exam significantly.

12. You Can Forget About IT Software Headache:

No matter what operating system, mobile devices you use, you can access our enormous practice questions bank without any issues. In fact, if you cannot access our practice questions and study materials after payment, we will refund every dollar you spent on the same day.

13. You Are Using Specialized Service:

Unlike other vendors, we focus on HKSI exam and HKSI exam only. Focus means a true dedication in preparing carefully craft practice questions and study materials for you to prepare the HKSI exam.

14. You Have Chosen The Most Experienced Vendor:

We have been in the markets for years and we are the first vendor to provide a full range of HKSI practice questions both in English and Chinese version. Large client base means sufficient data for us to analyze and improve our content to top-notch – Guaranteed.

15. You Get The Newest Content:

Our exam team update questions every day. We amend them, take them down and re-upload our practice questions so that candidates like you enjoy the newest exam content for the exam.

16. You Know Your Score Before The Exam:

Each paper comes with a final mock exam. It simulates the real exam format and time given in the exam. You may estimate your probability to pass and decide whether you should reschedule the exam. Saves you thousands of money.

17. You Can Study Comfortably:

Our practice questions and study notes are mobile responsive. Unlike other vendors offer, which requires you to zoom in and out by finger in a tiny screen, HKSIDataBase allows you to study comfortably with one hand anytime and anywhere.

18. You Save Money From Advertisement:

As you may already aware, we rely 100% on word of mouth. Therefore, no ads on Google, Bing or any social media. That means every dollar you invest today is all into the quality of practice questions and study materials.

But Wait … There Is More

After enabling any HKSIDataBase premium access paper, you will also benefits from our bonus tips:

  1. 9 Tips To Study HKSI Efficiently And Pass In Your First Attempt – These Tips Will Make Your Study 3 Times More Productive
  2. 101 Resume Writing Tips – Help You To Gain An Unfair Competitive Edge To Make Your Resume Standout & Get Noticed By Hiring Manager. Get Your Dream Job, Increase Pay Raise & Build Up Your Career


Frequently Asked Questions

We stand by our service, leverage our unconditional until you pass guarantee if you failed the exam because:

You are too busy working overtime and have not got the time to study;

You are sick on the day of the exam;

You are late on the day of the exam and cannot complete all the questions

Even if you forgot to attend the exam

We will grant you another round of access for Free based on the package you purchased within 6 months.

E.g. If you have purchased HKSI Paper 1, we will grant another 60 days of access to you for free (Just forward us the exam result and you are all set)

All HKSIDataBase questions are provided in soft-copy version. Therefore you may not need to pick up the papers or pay for the delivery cost. You may also enjoy our content immediately.

That is a great question and we glad that you asked. HKSIDataBase worth every dollar you invest into yourself for your career, reasons as follow:

  1. You Saved Thousands Of Dollars: There is no discount to retake HKSI LE exams and most of the financial institutions do not allow claiming more than one exam fee for each licensing exam. You buy more than just an insurance to secure a pass in HKSI exam in your first attempt but to make study less stressful, time-consuming and save a lot of money.
  2. You Get The Best Service: Our colleagues attend the exams, carefully craft our own unique questions and put them in a sequence that will help you to get better prepare for the examination and increase your probability to pass. The cost to maintain the quality of service is huge and the price we offer today is extremely affordable and is much cheaper than our competitors.
  3. Cheap Solution Will Cost You More: Candidates who went for HKD300 for 100 questions will regret once they failed the exam. The HKSI exam database is enormous, 100 or 150 questions will not cover all concepts and you will walk into the exam room with one arm tied. Why not go for the best and trustworthy solution and vendor like HKSIDataBase in the first place?
  4. Less Than A Coffee A Day: We invest in the best education for yourself because we know it will pay off. Every dollar you invest today will pay the highest dividend ever – Guaranteed. For less than a coffee (McCafe, not Starbucks), we serve you with the best quality of service ever.
  5. Your Time Worth More Than You Think: The most expensive currency we have is time, this is the one thing that is irrevocable and you will never able to buy one second of it in the future. This is why we take Taxi, order in our food, buy groceries online and pay a little premium for a functional mobile or computer. So that you can focus on other important tasks and spend more time with your loves one. HKSIDataBase strives to achieve this goal and help you to study in the most effective way and achieve success.
  6. New And Fresh Content: Maintaining the newest and freshest content is not easy. However, our reputation precedes us, and we promise to provide the best quality of service ever.
  7. Every Dollar Of Yours Is Well Invested: You might have aware that we do not invest in the advertisement, that means every single dollar you invest today all goes to the product you acquire. Besides, not only you help to protect the environment by not using printed copies and you will save money as well.
  8. The Real One-Year Guarantee: Although we do not think that you will need it, we offer a condition free, one-year risk-free success guarantee. Your success in HKSI exams in guaranteed.

P.S. We review our pricing from time to time. Act now and take your career to the next level today.

Your account access will be granted automatically after payment.

Please login to your account and study materials and exam bank menu tab under “HKSI Exam Papers” will be enabled to you according to the paper you subscribed.

HKSI official website does not provide any past paper, we formulate our own unique practice questions via our exam specialist.

HKSIDataBase provide questions in both English and Chinese version.

Up to now, we have more than 9000+ questions in our database, with approximately 1300+ questions for Paper 1 and varies number of practice questions for other papers. We ensure all exam concepts are covered in our practice question database.

As of 18-November-23, there are 1600+ questions in HKSI Paper 1.

The exact number of questions subject to frequent amendment ( Add/ Remove ) to adhere to the real examination. We ensure sufficient content coverage on the recent exam.

We cover HKSI Paper 1 practice questions by topics as well so that you can dissect the content and study easily.

We respect HKSI copyrights, and therefore, we do not provide the exact same questions and answer as examined in HKSI exams. We formulate our own unique questions and assist you to grasp the concepts and to better prepare for the examination.

The official HKSI examination bank is enormous, any attempt to memorize the questions and answer without understanding the underlying concepts will not help you to pass in HKSI exam. Our goal is to help you to understand the key concepts with the minimum amount of time in our structured practice questions.

Certainly. You can always continue your study anytime and anywhere via any mobile devices and desktop as well.

After verification by our staff and confirm there’s no duplication in our database, we will provide financial reward for each solid questions you contribute. Please note that the payment will be conducted via PayPal or Payoneer.

We understand that you might have a very tight schedule and your examination is very near. Therefore, our system will automatically open the database for you once you have completed the payment ( Our database link and communicate automatically with PayPal ).

Please understand that once the payment is completed, you will have full access to the database and therefore, due to the nature of our business, we do not have any refund policy.

However, we will enable the database for another 30 days for free if you have unfortunately failed the exam.

For general questions: [email protected]

For support questions: [email protected]

Or contact your dedicated account manager if you are a premium user

HKSI examination is getting more difficult each year and the passing rate in all papers are often below 50%.

HKSIDataBase is the perfect tool for you to prepare the LE exam. Haven said that we are not a magic bullet, please do not expect to pass the exam without any effort. We can save you precious time and maximize your study efficiently but eventually, candidates are required to make good use of our tools and take quizzes from our question bank.

The bonus tips are will be available to premium users under the tab “Format and Tips” at the menu.

Certainly, any operating system including Mac, Windows or mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android is all supported. Study anytime with ease.

Sure you can. You can always continue your study anytime and anywhere, just like reading a book with Kindle seamlessly – except you do not need one. You can study with your mobile or tablet on the go.

Yes. After payment you will automatically receive an official receipt stating clearly the place (HKSIDataBase), date & time, quantity of papers and amount you purchased.. This receipt will be shown directly after payment and it will be emailed to you.

Yes.  We offer discount for our products and if you purchase more than one products (either same paper together with your friends or colleauges or different paper together, an additional 20% discount will be applied)

Certainly. We use PayPal, the number one payment gateway to protect your personal information and credit card details. None of these details will be passed to us and you can purchase with a peace of mind.

Although you will not need it, but incase you are worry you will get scammed and not get what you purchased after payment, you are protected by PayPal buyer protection. Normally account access will be granted and access details will be sent to your email ( please check spam folder if you have not received them immediately). Please send us an email incase you have any difficulites of access. We will response within a few hours.

Some people may think that the more expensive it is, the better quality you will get. This may be true in some of the cases but not here. We can charge our customer 2x or 3x times more easily by adjusting our price and make more profit. But this is not fair and we won’t feel right doing so.

Our products are much more affordable than our competitors because you do not need to pay for the printing, delivery fee and unnecessary audio test bank. Besides, we truly believe by offering a reasonable and fairly priced product, you will use our products when taking different HKSI papers and IIQE exam. You will be overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the questions you get and will be our next satisfied client.

Any vendor can prepare 5,000 questions for one paper and charge you over two thousand dollars or more. The fact is, you will not require 5,000 practice questions to pass an exam. Sufficient and adequate amount of practice questions, together with powerful key study notes from HKSIDataBase is all you need.

No and you will not need one.

In the real examination, no one will read you the questions and answer as well. Besides, a talking test bank also means a lot more cost for you. In our past experience, it is proven that the best way to prepare an exam is by practicing high quality test bank. HKSIDataBase covers all possible concepts that will be tested with enormous questions bank for you.

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