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The Licensing Examination (LE) for Securities and Futures Intermediaries consists of fourteen papers in total. This is the prerequisites and important examination for one to join the financial markets.

The LE papers is either computer based (CBE) or paper-based exam (PBE). While all the exams come with either English or Chinese version, they will appear in a multiple choice (MC) format.

The LE is a practical and market-focused examination. All the questions are formulated with experience veteran in the market and developed with the assistance of regulators, academics and practitioners across the financial service industry.

While there is no enrollment prerequisites and LE is open to all candidates, candidates do have the full discretion to attempt any combination of the LE papers.

The HKSI LE exam is well recognized by both the local regulatory bodies and the international professional organizations. 

For enrollment of the exam and details, please refer to the official website of HKSI.org

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HKSIDataBase has no correlation with HKSI. We are founded to provide close to real examination exam abnk for our candidates to study, practice and achieve for excellence.

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The LE is a well known examination in the Hong Kong financial market. Over the years, HKSI strive to maintain the examination quality and reputation. As such, the difficulties increases over the years and even veteran in the field have failed the exams. In short, there’s a lot of reason for you to choose HKSIDataBase for your trusted partner in tackling HKSI LE exams. Frequently updated exam bank Adherence to real examination format Over 10 years of experience Premium support Responsive layout and study anytime, anywhere Premium quality study materials Trusted by thousands of candidates Well established reputation in the field Your time is valuable. Instead of struggling with the study manual, why not give our exam bank a free trial? No account registration is required. Start your free trial now.

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