11 Tricks To Improve Your Study Efficiency In HKSI Exam

Improve Your Memory In Study

In this 21st century of the digital world with Wikipedia and Google, it is difficult to concentrate properly at studies. We always worry about notifications in our social media, which distracts easily and hence it is difficult to concentrate on studies. With so many thoughts running in your head, it gets difficult to concentrate properly at your studies.

To improve your memory you must train your memory, as it is a muscle. You must get your memory in shape just as you can shape your body. It will improve your memory faster so that you concentrate better on your studies. By training your memory muscle, it will assist you both in the exam as well as your life.

Hack your memory by following the tricks below


Do not listen to music while you study

Listening to music is more distracting rather than being helpful. Students who are not good at handling multitasking should avoid listening to music. Loud music is more distracting rather than being helpful. It is difficult to concentrate on studies with loud music. With music, running in the background you will not be able to write what you have learned permanently in your memory. As you are not concentrating at your 100% best effort. To write something in the memory you have to concentrate properly.

Students who are habituated in listening to music while memorizing can listen to music while they are sitting for any tests, this will help them to recall their memory of their studies. Rather than sitting silently for a test, it is much easier to recall the memory by listening to music.


Walk before you study or exam

Exercise enhances the memory and power of the brain. Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois held research, which shows that exercising for 20 minutes before the exam, improves the memory of the brain. In 2012, a study was published in Neuroscience, which shows that people who work out regularly show greater improvement in their memory rather than people who do not work out regularly.

Those people also have the lowest stress levels. Exercise helps to boost blood to the brain. The flow of blood in the brain also brings glucose and oxygen to the brain, which absorbs the toxic electrons that were left over in the brain. This process also triggers protein in the brain that connects the neurons in the brain.

Stressful workouts are not helpful, it harms more rather than helping. You should perform exercises that have a lower impact on the body is helpful for improving memory. Browsing through the internet you will come across several low impact workouts that will boost the power of your brain and you can concentrate better at your studies.


Practice a lot

To improve your memory you must practice a lot. You can practice for your exams by solving questions from the previous year, this will help your memory to fetch the information’s that are required to solve the questions.

You should create the environment similar to your exam and sit to solve previous year questions. This will help you to test how much memory you can fetch to solve the questions. You will get to understand your level of understanding and how good your memory is. You can solve more questions or study the chapters that you need to work on to get a better result for your tests.


Study in a group

Studying in a group can enhance your memory. By studying among a group of people, you will get to collect different types of information from everyone, which will improve your understanding of that topic, and it will improve your learning experiences as well.


Teach others

The best way to imprint something in your memory is to teach others what you have learned. This will make you dig more into the topic you have learned; you will revise the materials again and this will help you to imprint it in your memory thus you will be able to recall the sources easily.

Students who spend more time in teaching others what they have learned have a better understanding of that topic and it’s much easier for them to recall those memories.

The researchers have found out that the advantages of learning by teaching need a great strategy to fetch your memories regarding that topic. The best result can be achieved by teaching the materials that you have learned.


Meditate when you’re tired

Meditation is one of the best methods which can help the stands to stay super active while studying. Meditation not only helps you to stay focused, but it also helps you to keep your stress at a minimum level. Meditation helps to improve health both physical and mental.

When a student performs a mindfulness meditation, this helps them to achieve them to reach the depth of their brain which helps them to be more aware of their feelings. Mindfulness helps to change the structure of the brain.

It helps to improve the area of the brains which are liable for memory, focus, and consciousness. Mindfulness improves the areas of the brain which are liable for stress and anxiety by reducing them.


Eat foods that help your brain

Diet is important for memory enhancement. A study has found out that the students whose diet contain high Choline have a better memory. Choline assists in forming new cells which develops memory cells.

So, food containing a high level of Choline needs to be taken every day. The list of food items is given below
• Chicken
• Eggs
• Lentils
• Sunflower seeds
• Pumpkin seeds
• Almonds
• Cabbage
• Cauliflower
• Broccoli

Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids are also very crucial for memory enhancement. Omega-3 fatty acids also help to reduce stress, anxiety and improve concentration as well. So, food containing a high level of omega-3 fatty acids need to be taken every day. The list of food items is given below

• Salmon
• Sardines
• Mackerel
• Trout
• Flaxseed
• Pumpkin seeds
• Walnuts
• Fatty Fish

Foods containing caffeine, antioxidants, vitamin C are also helpful to enhance your memory cells. This will help you to concentrate better on your studies, reduces your stress, anxiety and boosts up your concentration. Other foods that also enhances memory is given below

• Coffee
• Blueberries
• Turmeric
• Broccoli
• Dark Chocolate
• Oranges
• Green Tea


Review information periodically and avoid cramming

Rather studying everything at once, it’s better to review them periodically. As periodical study methods help to imprints into memory from short to long term. So, that you can easily recall the memories and get better grades at your exams.

The best way to review information on a period basis depends on the intervals of reviewing. The intervals of the periodical reviewing methods are given below.

• 1st review: 1 day after learning new things
• 2nd review: 3 days after 1st review
• 3rd review: 7 days after 2nd review
• 4th review: 21 days after 3rd review
• 5th review: 30 days after 4th review
• 6th review: 45 days after 5th review
• 7th review: 60 days after 6th review

The review needs to be done periodically as the memory loss occurs accordingly. How much memory is retained after a certain period is given below?

• After 1 day- 54% was remembered
• After 7 days – 35% was remembered
• After 14 days – 21% was remembered
• After 21 days – 18% was remembered
• After 28 days – 19% was remembered
• After 63 days – 17% was remembered


Put your phone away

You should put your phone away while studying. Keeping phone beside your study is quite distracting. Either turn off the notifications of the mobile application, keep the phone in airplane mode or you can also keep the phone in a different room. If you keep the phone on your study table, you will have the urge to check the phone repeatedly after some time, which is quite distracting, and you will not be able to study with full concentration.
You should definitely put your phone away from other ways it will reduce your concentration, increases your FOMO (Fear of Missing out), will increase with stress and anxiety level and will reduce your memory, which is quite important for better concentration in studies.


Reward yourself after a study session or a chapter

Self awarding is one of the methods to motivate yourself to move ahead. You can award yourself with your favorite things. Self-awarding yourself well push you ahead, as your mind you will know that you will be receiving a treat. You can award yourself with simple things such as

• Go for a walk
• Eat your favorite snack
• Listen to music
• Workout
• Play any musical devices
• Take a warm or cold shower
• Play games
• Chit chat with your close friends
• Have chocolate
• Have nuts
• Have sweets after completing each paragraph
• Take a short nap
• Buy something you like
• Watch Netflix
• Browse through social media


Drink plenty of water

It is important to stay hydrated during your studies. Dehydration is not good for your brain, as your brain will not get enough oxygen to stay focused. Group of researchers has found out that the brain requires lots of oxygen to function properly and for that, you need to drink plenty of water.

We should at least drink 2 liters of water every day to boost up your memory cells. During sitting for your examination, you should drink water after 40 minutes, this will boost up your concentration and you will be able to retain most of the memories regarding the examination you are sitting for. In addition, this short break will relax your nerves for a while.


We have shared 11 tips to hack your memory for studying at your best. You can follow each of them to enhance your memory, stay healthy, stay alert, learn a lot and definitely get good grades to excel yourself. Every student strives to improve their memory at times it is difficult to understand why you are unable to concentrate properly at your studies. By following 11 tips, your life will get easier and you will get to stay alert and fit both physically and mentally.
I hope this article has motivated to enhance your memory in the study. Don’t forget to share your feedback or any queries regarding this article, we are here to listen.

Amanda Xia He

Amanda Xia He

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