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Last updated on: 21-February-2024

Quiz 14 Topics Covers:
An important function of the Executive is to give rulings on various matters arising under the
Codes. This includes giving waivers, consents, decisions, confirmations or other determination in writing.
Rulings may be given by the Executive on its own volition or at the request of an interested
party. Rulings are given after a consideration of all relevant information and involve a more
thorough analysis than what is possible under a consultation. A fee may be payable for rulings.
Applications for a ruling under the Codes should be in writing, addressed to the Executive
and contain all relevant information, which should normally include the following:
(a) Summary: The ruling being sought, and any alternative courses of action, should be
clearly described and the issues for consideration summarized. The relevant sections of the Codes should also be identified.
(b) Parties: All parties with a material interest in the submission, and their respective financial and legal advisers, should be identified.

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