HKSI Paper 17 (LE) Regulation of Takeovers and Share Buy-backs Free Practice Questions Set Two

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Last updated on: 23-May-24

HKSI Exam Quiz 02 Topics covers:

Persons subject to the Codes
Non-statutory nature
Structure and interpretation of the Codes
The Executive Director of the Corporate Finance Division of the Securities and Futures Commission (“Executive”)
Role of the Securities and Futures Commission
Different arrangements and approaches
Examples of arrangements entered into that may indicate a concert party relationship
Duties of directors may be delegated but are not diminished
Avoiding information asymmetry
Restrictions on action during offer period
Offeror and offeree company – documents on display
Announcements obligations under the Code on Takeovers and Mergers
Preparing for an engagement
Obligations common to all financial advisers
Requirements relating to financial information
Financial adviser to the offeror
Independent financial advisers (“IFAs”)
IFA appointment and role
Determination of independence

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