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Important Notes

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  2. Any copyright infringement in our question bank will be logged and will be handled by our legal department.
  3. Please do spare sufficient time to study and make good use of our exam database. It is impossible to pass the exam if you do not put in the effort in preparing the examination. To respect official HKSI copyrights, questions will not appear exactly the same in the real examination. Therefore, please do not memorize the questions and answers from our database without a comprehensive understanding of the underlying concepts.
  4. Your should be able to commence your study immediately by mouse hovering to the menu “HKSI Exam Papers”, however, if you have filled a different email address in HKSIDataBase and PayPal, or you seldom purchase any items online, PayPal will take longer to confirm your payment. If you are not able to access after 10 minutes, please kindly send us an email at [email protected] and we will enable your account access manually.

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